Competitive Rowing

Our members regularly train for and attend a variety of local and away regattas, and all members are invited to participate.  General open The Club's open ... Read more

Social Rowing

There is a very active social rowing scene within the Club. Many members regularly row in social crews, and the Club also organises a variety of social events d... Read more

Schools Program

School rowing provides supervised training sessions and the ability to compete at local, regional and state regattas. Rowing is a non-contact sport that bu... Read more

Learn to Row

No rowing experience? Don't worry, we'll teach you. Learning to row as an adult is extremely common. Rowed in the past but the memories are dim? We can he... Read more

Corporate Rowing

Challenge your team Rowing is one of the ultimate team sports, and the aim of Corporate Rowing is to develop strong teams plus build individual and team compet... Read more

About Us

Rowing history project We're compiling the history of our club and rowing in Townsville back to the 1880s. Can you help? More on the project here. Commun... Read more

Townsville & JCU Rowing Club

Townsville & James Cook University Rowing Club


We're a friendly community rowing club located on the Ross River close to James Cook University. 

Rowing is a wonderful sport loved by many types of people from ages 14 to 100!

Some of our members' goals are to train hard, go fast and chase medals. While others prefer to focus their rowing on the combination of relaxation, gentle exercise, and social connection.

The sport builds strong bodies and fine motor skills, and whether your favourite boat is a single scull or a sweep eight there's a great sense of camraderie.  

Explore our website to find out more about us and how to join in the fun.